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ease scan the QR Code to follow us on WechatA divided U.S. House of R▓epresentatives voted on Thursday approvi▓ng a resolution designed to formalize proceedings of an imp

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eachment inquiry into President Donald Trump, setting the stage for what they ha▓ve called "the next phase" of the investigation, as well as for more political uncertainties and partisan clashes.Divided House approves rules for imp▓eachment inquiry, uncertainties aheadDivide▓d House approves rules for impeachment inquiry, uncertainties ahead11-01-2019 09:57 BJTWASHINGTON, Oct. 31 -- A divided U.S. House of Representati▓ves voted on Thursday approving a resolution de▓signed to formalize proceedings of an impeachment inquiry into President Donald Trump, setti

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ng the s▓tage for what they have called "the next phase" of the investigation, as well as for more political uncertain▓ties and partisan clashes.The resolution, unvei▓led earlier this week by the House Rules Committee, was passed 232-196 b

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y the Democratic-controlled House. No Republicans voted in favor of it and only two Democrats voted against it.According to a text of the ▓resolution, it establishes procedures for publi▓c impeachment hearings and the release of d▓epositio

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n transcripts, and outlines the H▓ouse Judiciary Committee's role in considering potential art▓icles of impeachment.This was the first time that the House had taken a full chamber vote related to the impeachment inquiry since House Speaker

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Nancy Pelosi ini▓tiated it in late September.Trump, in tweets Thursday morning, called the impeachment inquiry the "Greatest Witch Hunt In American History," claiming that it was hurting the nation's stock market.White House pr▓ess secret

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dymyr Zelensky.Trump was al▓leged to have abused power by using a military aid t▓o pressure Zelensky into investigating forme▓r U.S. Vice President Joe Biden, a leading 2020 D▓emocratic presidential contender, so as to help his▓ re-election campaign.Trump has denied any wrongdoing. The White House has dismissed those allegations and made clear that it will not cooperate wi▓th House investigators by providing documents or witnesses▓ because it considered the ongoing impeachment inquiry unfai▓r and illegitimate.So far, the impeachment inquiry h▓earings have been

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held behind closed doors before three House panels.House Republican Conference Chai▓r Liz Cheney on Thursday called it "a process that has been f

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laim they're going to open this up, which, by the way, the resolution does not do," she added.House D▓emocrats have argued that there is no need to

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said on Twitter the witnesse s "can't provide▓ any first h and knowledge of any wrongdoin g" by Trump, and " have never even spoken" with the president d u▓ring the impeachmen t inquiry.Her clai ms were refuted by Chris Murphy, D emocratic senator from ▓Connecticut, wh o tweeted that "pl enty of people who talked directly t 海南省wap 苍山县wap 曲靖市5G 海门市5G 睢宁县wap 嵩县5G 白沙黎族自治县wap 克山县wap 安乡县wap 郸城县wap 大埔县5G 合山市wap 开阳县wap 岑巩县5G 和平县5G 绥棱县wap 黔东南苗族侗族自治州5G 莱芜市5G 道真仡佬族苗族自治县wap 临西县5G 我想自己开个传奇私服 传奇私服贴吧 3000k传奇私服 热血传奇私服网站单职业 传奇私服脱机脚本 热血传奇私服外挂 传奇私服英雄合击手游 新开传奇私服发布网945 传奇私服用手机怎么下载 超级变态加速传奇私服